Blooming Marvellous Foliage and Flower Walls for Summer 2019


Blooming Marvellous Foliage and Flower Walls for Summer 2019 


As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wholesale artificial flowers and plants, we are in a unique position to see the latest trends emerge.

This year has been the year for bespoke flower and foliage walls, with designers using artificial flowers, mossed walls, foliage and plants to recreate the look of living walls. Stemstyle has been proud to partner with florists and event stylists near and far in creating some truly stunning backdrops.


The benefits of using artificial flowers and foliage

Foliage and flower walls have been increasing in popularity since last year, and we have seen increasing interest in our foliage and flower wall tiles throughout the Spring. The beauty of artificial flowers lies in their long life and reusability, and they are often far more practical for venues that require minimal maintenance or a display that needs to last more than a few days.

All of our wall tiles are chosen for their quality and look fabulous on their own to cover an otherwise bare or unappealing area, or as a base for adding other foliage or flowers. This means that you can achieve a unique, realistic look for your display. In fact, many people struggle to tell they are artificial at all!

Our foliage wall tiles are all weatherproof and UV resistant - perfect if you need a product that will withstand the elements - while we stock both silk and plastic flowers to suit the unique tastes and design preferences of our loyal customers.


Be inspired to create your own masterpieces

We are proud to have supplied foliage and artificial flowers for some of Yorkshire’s leading restaurants, hotels and event venues. Many have used foliage walls to replicate living walls, using a mixture of hanging plants and artificial bushes to bring life and energy into their public spaces.

For special occasions, florists have used flower mats and artificial flowers to create flower walls for weddings and other events. A variety of mosses, artificial plants and succulents combine to make spectacular living wall installations - both on a large scale and as smaller scale pieces to offer an alternative to artworks.

Corporate spaces can also benefit, with otherwise stark or industrial-looking areas transformed by faux flower walls and artificial greenery. Flowers and plants are a great way to make a bland space appear fresh and inviting. Indeed, several of our customers work with corporate clients to improve reception areas, boardrooms, and staff social spaces. And of course, no one in the office has to worry about watering!


A lasting trend or a passing fad?

There is certainly a continuing trend towards bringing nature and natural surroundings indoors or into grey, industrial outdoor spaces. We can see this in many large cities around the world where new buildings are often covered in flowers and plants to encourage natural wildlife in busy, built up areas. Also, more office spaces are “bringing the outdoors in” to create tranquil areas for staff and visitors. At the moment, it is difficult to see a return to the bare, minimalist spaces of the past.

Recently, we have introduced a new range of dried-look artificial flowers, which offer a pretty, delicate look without the mess of actual dried flowers. At the moment, this is a relatively new idea, but we think it could very well be the next big trend and we cannot wait to see what our talented customers choose to create.


See for yourself!

You can take a look at many of our artificial flowers and plants online, and keep up to date with many new items by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Our showroom is in full bloom all year round, and we would love to talk through your ideas and offer our advice where we can. To arrange a visit, call us on 01423 563236 or email

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